Migrating to AWS Cloud: A Custom Cloud-Native Open-Source Solution


A government agency faced the challenge of migrating critical infrastructure and applications from traditional on-premises environments to the AWS Cloud. Our client needed to enhance functionality, improve scalability, and optimize operational efficiency while ensuring zero downtime during the migration. Additionally, they aimed to leverage cloud-native open-source solutions to achieve cost savings and flexibility.


Federal Government

Domains of Expertise

Digital Transformation, Cloud and Infrastructure

Strategy & Solution

To address the challenges, CTG's team developed a comprehensive strategy for migrating to the AWS Cloud using a custom cloud-native open-source solution. The key components of our approach included:

  • Infrastructure Assessment: We conducted a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure and applications to identify dependencies, performance requirements, and security considerations.
  • Cloud Migration Plan: A detailed migration plan was developed, taking into account the specific needs of each application and workload. The plan outlined the steps for moving data, applications, and services to the AWS Cloud in a phased and controlled manner.
  • Custom Cloud-Native Solution: We utilized open-source technologies and custom-built solutions to design a cloud-native architecture tailored to their requirements. This solution ensured scalability, high availability, and improved cost efficiency.
  • Data Migration and Synchronization: We implemented robust data migration strategies, including synchronization of data from multiple sources and user repositories, ensuring data integrity and continuity during the migration process.

The Results

Cost Savings

The migration to the AWS Cloud resulted in significant cost savings through optimized resource utilization, efficient scaling, and the use of cost-effective open-source solutions.

Improved Functionality

The cloud-native open-source solution enhanced the functionality of the applications and infrastructure, providing scalability and flexibility to meet changing demands.

Zero Downtime

CTG successfully migrated critical infrastructure, applications, and data from on-premises environments to the AWS Cloud without any downtime or service interruptions.

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