CTG's Cloud-Based Application Modernization and DevSecOps Implementation for Customer Management and Scheduling Systems


A large government agency uses customer management and scheduling systems to manage millions of appointments and biometric media files for immigration benefit applications. These legacy systems posed challenges for this agency due to their monolithic architecture, heavy operational overhead, and maintenance requirements. CTG faced the challenge of modernizing and enhancing these systems to meet the agency’s business requirements, improve scalability, and ensure secure management of biometric data and appointment scheduling.


Federal Government

Domains of Expertise

Digital Transformation

Tools and Technologies

AWS Cloud, Splunk, NewRelic, and Amazon Cloudwatch

Strategy & Solution

CTG led the modernization effort by implementing a cloud-based application modernization approach and DevSecOps practices. Our team transformed the legacy monolithic applications into streamlined microservices-based architectures, utilizing the scalability and security offered by AWS cloud environments. A distributed event streaming platform was implemented to manage biometric data storage and appointment scheduling securely. Additionally, we support a biometrics program that provides 24x7 on-call remote support and leveraged monitoring and alerting tools like Splunk, NewRelic, and Amazon Cloudwatch to ensure continuous service delivery and preemptively detect potential issues.

The Results

Uninterrupted Service

Achieved a 99.99% uptime for customer management and scheduling systems, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Improved Efficiency

Streamlined biometric data storage and appointment scheduling processes, improving efficiency and user experience.

Secured Information

Maintained secure information flow and interconnections with over 20 systems within the agency’s ecosystem and external partners.

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