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A large government organization collects and manages vast quantities of data related to visa applications, citizenship, refugees, asylum seekers, case management, and more from a variety of internal and external applications. The challenge was to establish a centralized data repository to power enterprise-wide analytical capabilities, integrating data from over 30 high-volume production applications in near real-time. This required leveraging Agile DevSecOps methodologies to design, develop, and deploy a comprehensive data warehouse solution using both commercial-off-the-shelf and open-source tools.


Federal Government

Domains of Expertise

Digital Transformation, Data Management & Analytics

Tools and Technologies

Apache Spark with Databricks, Delta Lake, MLflow, Grafana visualization, SAS Viya, and Tableau

Strategy & Solution

To solve this problem CTG used Apache Spark with Databricks, Delta Lake, and MLflow to free data from overwhelming and outdated legacy systems. We utilized Databricks (Apache Spark) to provide a unified infrastructure for working with Big Data at an enterprise scale. We also used SAS Viya and Tableau to quickly deliver data visualizations and dashboards for monitoring and tracking key metrics. These tools provided a reliable and scalable platform to reduce risks, improve function, and cater to growing data demands. CTG's team designed and implemented a solution that provides support for the government agency’s many systems while improving the rate in which information is received.

The Results

Increased Access to Data

Centralized data repositories were established for use throughout the enterprise.

Improved Information Workflows

Many systems that support this government agency were improved, while the rate in which information is received was increased.

Customizable Dashboard

CTG provided a customizable dashboard for agency employees to view necessary data, optimizing workflows and increasing productivity across the organization.

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