Customized and Resilient Identity Management Solutions: COTS Integration and AWS Migration


CTG faced the challenge of providing a robust and customized  Identity Management solution for an enterprise. The existing enterprise infrastructure was fragmented, with multiple data centers and user repositories, leading to inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. We needed to integrate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, migrate to the AWS Cloud, and ensure a seamless transition without disruption to the enterprise's operations.



Domains of Expertise

Digital transformation, Security & Identity, Software Development

Tools and Technologies

SAML, Kerberos, Tivoli Directory Server, ForgeRock Open DJ, Microsoft Active Directory LDAP servers

Strategy & Solution

CTG devised a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges and deliver a customized and resilient Identity Management solution. Our approach included:

  • Assessment and Planning: We conducted a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, applications, and Identity Management systems. We collaborated with the enterprise to understand their specific requirements and design a tailored solution.
  • COTS Integration: Leveraging COTS tools, our team integrated multiple data center directory services, including Tivoli Directory Server, ForgeRock Open DJ, and Microsoft Active Directory LDAP servers. This integration enabled a unified and centralized identity management system.
  • Cloud Migration: We executed a seamless migration from the existing on-premises infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. We also leveraged AWS services and best practices to ensure a secure and scalable environment for the Identity Management solution.
  • Robust Authentication: Our team implemented an identity provider using SAML, Kerberos, and PIV authentication methods. This allowed secure and convenient access to over 180 applications for users across the enterprise.
  • Data Synchronization: We utilized COTS tools to synchronize data from multiple Active Directory and user repositories, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the Identity Management system.

The Results

Seamless Migration

The enterprise successfully migrated from the fragmented on-premises infrastructure to the AWS Cloud without disruption to their operations.

Centralized Identity Management

The integration of COTS tools and data synchronization resulted in a unified and centralized identity management solution. This improved operational efficiency and security.

Enhanced Authentication

The implementation of robust authentication methods, such as SAML, Kerberos, and PIV, ensured secure access to applications for users across the enterprise.

Scalability and Flexibility

The AWS Cloud migration provided a scalable and flexible environment for the Identity Management solution, accommodating the growing needs of the enterprise.

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