About Us
Our History

Capital Technology Group was founded in 2010 dedicated to providing outstanding information technology consulting services for commercial and government clients. Our managing principals share a passion for excellence and bring together a diverse range of skills to ensure the success of our clients. Our deep hands-on technical expertise coupled with leadership and management abilities have enabled us to consistently deliver well-executed technology initiatives in scope and on schedule.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that significant technology initiatives require more than great ideas and able management. To succeed, they require skill, passion, and creativity. To succeed, they need to draw on the best minds, techniques, technologies, and software available. To succeed, they require strong technical leadership and management ability, and a clear vision that offers short-term success while building long-term value.

Our Approach

Capital Technology Group delivers a high return on investment by ensuring that our consultants are deeply knowledgeable about our clients' goals and keep up to date about the numerous technologies available to best achieve them. We do this by investing significant time and resources in the continuing education of all of our consultants including internal email lists, participation in technology conferences, monthly company-wide discussions, and other formal and informal education opportunities.