Agile Methodology

Leveraging Agile processes ensures you see results quickly and reliably.

From Great Ideas to Reality

Capital Technology Group leverages continuous integration and continuous deployment  pipelines to expedite software delivery aligned with business requirements. With our deep expertise in DevSecOps, we automate build, testing, and deployment processes, reducing manual efforts and enabling swift time-to-market and enhanced efficiency. These mature pipelines seamlessly integrate code changes, guaranteeing reliable and consistent releases while minimizing errors and downtime. Furthermore, our use of infrastructure as code and automated provisioning ensures cost efficiency and rapid scalability. Through mature software delivery pipelines, we empower clients to efficiently deliver top-notch software solutions, driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Agile Methodology at CTG

Delivering incremental software releases isn’t just a good Agile practice; it’s essential to success in rapidly changing environments. Our proven process help turns your ideas into reality quickly and reliably.


We start our process by meeting our customer to understand their needs, pain points, how they do business, and their vision for how things should work. We collaborate to understand their functional goals and short and long-term objectives.


Together with our customer and as an internal team, we brainstorm to determine possible options, approaches, and technologies that can be leveraged to address our needs. During this phase, we’ll have a UX designer work with customers, who can provide and adjust mockups to make sure we have a shared understanding of the solution’s look and feel.


Next comes an overall design. We look for one that that includes a long term strategy that addresses our customer’s current and future needs. A technical architect will address aspects such as technology selection, performance and availability, application and data security, solution roll-out and end-user adoption, operations and maintenance, any potential technical challenges, and strategies or steps we can take to avoid those risks.


After agreeing on a solution with our customer, our program manager will work together to formalize an implementation plan. Agile is an integral part of how we deliver and we typically leverage two week sprints to deliver functionality. This cadence affords us the time to good work, enables our customer visibility into our progress, and allows us all to adapt our plan when business needs change.


Our team is comprised of both technical and management professionals. We bring expertise in numerous areas including system architecture and design, usability and design, application and information security, back-end and front-end software engineering, DevOps automation, and automated testing. We work together closely with our Scrum Master and Product Owner to ensure we understand the business needs, we’re on track, and to appropriately incorporate customer feedback.


Our DevOps approach leads us to automate our pipeline and operations activities. This leads to consistency and predictability, and reduces the need for human attention to recurring events. Deployments, system failure, and increased loads can be handled automatically to ensure high availability and an outstanding user experience.