United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Identity, Credentials and Access Management

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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Every year, USCIS receives nearly nine million applications for benefits, ranging from work authorization to naturalization. The USCIS Accounts Public (AP) program enables users to create and manage their digital identity using myAccount to authenticate themselves to multiple USCIS websites. myAccount processes over 100,000 unique user logins per day and is currently adding three million new users per year. CTG has been actively involved in this effort since its inception in 2014 and continues to drive its evolution.


Sevatec (Octo Consulting Group)


Java, Typescript, React, React Native, SQL, Active Directory, SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect (OIDC), GraphQL

Domains of Expertise

Security, Software Engineering, Cloud, Agile, DevSecOps

Business Domain

US Government - USCIS


USCIS handles millions of immigration benefit requests each year. In an effort to reduce costs, optimize customer experience, and shorten the application intake process, USCIS has made a number of its services available over the Internet to public users.

“We solve business problems using technology. Our extensive experience creating functional, large-scale software systems using proven methodologies ensures your success”


We design, build, test, and deploy application code using Agile DevSecOps methodologies. This enables us to streamline our web development process and rapidly deliver new functionality on a continuing basis. CTG plays an integral role on this contract through comprehensive services including frontend, backend, and web security development. Our team develops and supports a public, elastic, cloud-native account system that handles millions of new users each year. We have continuously supported the evolution of the AP program by quickly and efficiently responding to shifting security threats and updated security policies.


Robust Scalability

Our robust and scalabe solutions ensure that miliions of users each year have access to critical USCIS services.

Secure Solutions

We have a track record of providing secure solutions amidst ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.


We incorporate industry best practices and leverage innovative solutions in the areas of zero-trust and remote identity proofing.

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