United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Biometrics DevSecOps

Case Study

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Biometrics DevSecOps (BDSO) is a task-order where CTG is a leading member of a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) that is responsible for managing biometrics collection process and lifecycle (including scheduling, processing, storing, querying and data management).

Under the Biometrics DevSecOps (BDSO) task order, CTG delivers critical software for managing the lifecycle of biometrics for the immigration benefit process. CTG and its Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) partners are responsible for the software that collects biometric data for all immigrant benefit applicants. This includes everything from the initial scheduling, to the biometrics collection itself, to the warehousing of the biometrics and biographical data, to administrative querying, and reconciliation


Pluribus Digital, 540, Fearless


Java, Groovy, React, Typescript, SQL, Docker, OpenShift Container Platform, Tableau, Apache Spark

Domains of Expertise

Software Engineering, Cloud, DevOps, Data & Analytics, Human-centered Design

Business Domain

US Government - USCIS


USCIS was looking for a team that had experience with biometrics software in order to support their growing biometrics data. They needed a way to continue to schedule appointments and capture that data as well as to cross reference that data against their system to prevent fraud and identity theft. These systems were over 6 and 12 years old at the time of Capital Technology Group's involvement. One of the largest challenges was to update a decaying application and move the legacy system to a more modern and innovative technology stack.

We solve business problems using technology. Our extensive experience creating functional, large-scale software systems using proven methodologies fuels our success on the BDSO program.

Strategy & Solution

In order to take on this task, our team onboarded over 50 remote employees during the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020. We were able to certify and badge all of our remote employees for their roles within less than 2 weeks of hire date.

Our team rapidly accelerated the modernization of the legacy biometric systems that were in place at the start of the contract. We wanted to minimize the amount of down time that each part of the system would need in order to complete updates and increase the overall quality of the biometrics collection lifecycle. We implemented an agile methodology based approach to product development in order to optimize the development process. Our teams used DevSecOps and human-centered design practices to optimize how these systems will verify the identities of its users and cross reference across platforms. We also introduced machine learning to the program in order to opimize the biometrics collection experience.

The Results


Our team greatly reduced cloud hosting costs within our first months on the project by optimizing the cloud infrastructure.


We rapidly onboarded, badged, and vetted a software development team that was fully remote during COVID-19 and immediately helped the government navigate pandemic-related requirements.


We strategically introduced the use of machine learning to improve the quality of biometrics collection and scheduling processes.

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