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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

We worked with USCIS to design and develop a strategy for creating low-touch data warehouses on the USCIS Databricks platform that leveraged AWS Database Migration Service.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) collects and manages vast quantities of data from a variety of internal and external applications. Through DBIS, Capital Technology Group (CTG) and its partners, worked closely with USCIS to leverage Agile development methodologies to deliver data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities that enable stakeholders to readily extract key information across a range of sources to help empower data-driven decision making processes. Services provided included custom application development and the deployment, customization, and configuration of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) large-scale data-aggregation and analytics services that integrated data from over 30 high-volume enterprise applications in near real-time.




Python, Apache Spark, SAS Viya, Tableau, AWS, OpenShift Container Platform

Domains of Expertise

Software Engineering, User Experience Design, DevOps

Business Domain

US Government - USCIS


The USCIS deals with over 30 different business systems that store and control their data. They process over 3,000 daily reports spanning all of USCIS operations. They needed a better way to store and view that data for a variety of possible different user needs. CTG and Sevitech were charged with the task of updating and optimizing that viewport and data storage system. One of the biggest blockers that the USCIS was trying to fix was their access to real-time information.

We solve business problems using technology. Our extensive experience creating functional, large-scale software systems using proven methodologies ensures your success.

Strategy & Solution

Our team wanted to find a solution that would not only provide the USCIS support for their many systems, but improved the speed of getting their information. The previous solution was slow, it could take up to 24 hours in order to get a report back. We provided the USCIS with a solution that leveraged DataBricks and event streaming that helped to provide individual users with the right data in real time.

We also worked with the UI designers on our teams to provide a comprehensive customizable dashboard for the employees of USCIS to be able to view the necessary data. This helped optimize workflows and increase productivity across USCIS.

The Results

Increased Productivity

Our real-time data reports allowed USCIS employees to get to their information faster, increasing their ability to get the job done.

Created Data Dashboards

We helped create a customizable dashboard that employees can use to view and generate the reports they need.

Streamlined Information

Leveraged tools such as Databricks & Tableau to streamline operations.

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