United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

CTG supports USCIS' Fraud Detection and National Security Director. We support the development of a case management system designed to detect fraud and threats to national and public security across all of USCIS' systems. This system allows USCIS to detect, vet, and manage fraud based around a single entity, compiling and disseminating important and pertinent information surrounding that entity. The case management system works to efficiently and effectively centralize information in order to protect US residents, citizens and the government from threats and compromises to security.




Java, Spring Boot, SQL, React, Terraform

Domains of Expertise

Human Centered Design, DevSecOps

Business Domain

US Government - USCIS


Improve USCIS' ability to detect, monitor, and mitigate fraud risk.

We solve business problems using technology. Our extensive experience creating functional, large-scale software systems using proven methodologies ensures our success on the RFDS program.

Strategy & Solution

In order to provide an effective and extensive tool that properly complies the appropriate data as well as providing an application that is usable across all aspects of the platform, we have worked closely with users, developers, analysts and security experts in creating this product. We have worked to extensively and continuously test the application with users and stakeholders and make improvements based on quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Our agile framework allows us to maintain continual communication and focused attention on every aspect of the application.

The Results

Team Managed Deployments

Our team spearheaded the shift towards more frequent, automated production releases.

Continuous Integration

We implemented robust CI/CD pipelines that streamline delivery and help our team quickly go from idea to realization.

Enhanced User Experience

Our team provided human-centered design leadership to reimagine and streamline existing interfaces and processes to improve overall user experience.

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