Our Hiring Process

At Capital Technology Group (CTG), our hiring process is designed to comprehensively assess candidates' skills, experience, problem-solving abilities, teamwork capabilities, and alignment with our organizational values. By incorporating these distinct phases, we aim to make informed decisions and select candidates who will not only thrive in our team environment but also contribute to the success of CTG and their own careers. This mutual benefit ensures that both CTG and our candidates can achieve long-term success and growth together. Let's dive into our typical phases to understand them better.

Have questions on the hiring process or typical timeline? Contact us here: hiring@capitaltg.com

Initial Screen

During the initial screen, we want to understand your professional background, skills, and career aspirations. This phase includes a friendly conversation with a member of our hiring team, either over the phone or through video conferencing. We'll discuss your experience, qualifications, and the specific role you're interested in. We also prioritize discussing our company culture to ensure a values-aligned and fulfilling team environment. Ultimately this stage helps us assess if your qualifications match our requirements and if there is potential for a mutual fit.

Technical Screen

For technical positions, we conduct an objective technical screen to assess your problem-solving abilities and technical skills. We utilize code assessment platforms, which provide a range of coding challenges and problems for you to solve. This approach gives us an idea of your coding proficiency, algorithmic thinking, and problem-solving techniques.


The final round of our hiring process is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate multiple aspects of your suitability for the position and our team. This round typically consists of a virtual interview with key members of our team, including technical experts and hiring managers. The purpose of this round is to delve deeper into your technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, collaboration skills, and innovation mindset.

In this final round, we'll ask you more challenging technical questions to assess your depth of understanding in your field. We’re interested in understanding how you approach and solve complex problems, as well as your ability to think critically and analyze situations. For technical candidates, in most cases we will also ask candidates to walk us through a code review as well as a live coding exercise. Additionally, we aim to evaluate how well you work with others and your potential to contribute in a high performing, collaborative team environment.

During the final round, we also provide more details about the specific position you are applying for, including its responsibilities, expectations, and the team dynamics. This information allows you to make an informed decision about your fit within our organization. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have, such as regarding the company culture, career development opportunities, or specific projects you might be working on.

Working with CTG

We know a comfortable work environment spurs passion and creativity. We also know that personal and professional growth go hand in hand, which is why we offer remote working options and provide time off when life comes at you fast. If you share a hunger for opportunities and growth and seek a challenging yet rewarding work environment, you'll fit right in at CTG.

Our Mission

Our team shares a passion for excellence and brings together a diverse range of skills to ensure the success of our clients. Our deep, hands-on technical expertise coupled with leadership and management abilities have enabled us to consistently deliver well-executed technology initiatives in scope and on schedule. 

Our Values

We value what unifies and inspires us: creativity, diversity, and trust. It’s our ethics that lay the brickwork in fostering a respectful and stimulating company.

Focus on Excellence

We hire great people that know how to design and build great software. We push ourselves to improve and prioritize our use of innovative technologies.

Embrace Partnership and Transparency

What we say is what we do! There are no surprises when working with us. Our prioritization of shared communication and reliability make us ideal partners.

Develop Our Talent

We prioritize bringing on the highest-level talent, putting our money where our mouth is by paying for and requiring our team members to continually evolve their skillset.

Share Our Passion

Passion spurs creativity and forward progress. We love what we do and hire people that share our passion for developing great software.

Prioritize Humility and Respect

We believe there can’t be success without humility and respect. We are open to change and new ideas, always listening to our teammates and pushing each other to learn and grow.