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Data & Analytics

Capital Technology Group leverages continuous integration and continuous deployment  pipelines to expedite software delivery aligned with business requirements. With our deep expertise in DevSecOps, we automate build, testing, and deployment processes, reducing manual efforts and enabling swift time-to-market and enhanced efficiency. These mature pipelines seamlessly integrate code changes, guaranteeing reliable and consistent releases while minimizing errors and downtime. Furthermore, our use of infrastructure as code and automated provisioning ensures cost efficiency and rapid scalability. Through mature software delivery pipelines, we empower clients to efficiently deliver top-notch software solutions, driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Why Our Work
Produces Results

Our process and methodology yields high-quality results for our clients.

Data Warehousing

We work with our clients to develop comprehensive data architecture solutions.

Data Analysis

Leveraging customized analyses based on engagements with our internal subject matter experts, we deliver customized analytics to capture and model key business metrics.

Data Visualization

Numbers alone do not always tell the whole story. We augment our analyses with data visualizations to discover underlying narratives hidden in our clients’ datasets.

Keys to Success

Enterprise-grade data solutions

We work with large scale clients, with complex and critical needs. Our solutions have been designed, built, tested and deployed at enterprise scale.

Get the most out of your data

Data is often complex, messy, and difficult to work with. We look at designing holisitic solutions that encompass everything from data governance and master data architecture, to backend application programming interfaces, to data ingestion pipelines, to custom user interface integration, and more. This end-to-end approach helps our customers unlock the rich potential buried in their data.


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